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Warrenty, Returns & Replacement Policy

This limited warranty does not apply to all products. Applied only for defects under normal use circumstances and at the discretion of the manufacturer, manufacturer shall provide free of charge repair and/or replacement services within the warranty period. The Limited Warranty starts from the date of purchase.

This Accessory Product Limited Warranty only covers accessories sold on www.gstronic.com without any offers.

1. This limited warranty is only valid in India, and the product is not eligible for any international warranty service. To the fullest extent permitted by law, warranty service may only be performed by manufacturer.

2. Manufacturer may conduct diagnostic tests on customers‘ products to identify the causes of failures/defects. Gstronic is not responsible for damage or loss of the product.

3. Prior to contacting a Gstronic agent, please ensure the following information is at hand:
• Model, serial number, and bill number if available.
• Customer’s full address and contact information.
• Purchase order number, a copy of the customer’s original invoice/receipt.

4. This warranty does not cover the following cases:
• If the product serial number or warranty seal is illegible or has been removed, erased, defaced, altered, and/or tampered with. If any accessory or external part of the product is missing.
• Warranty does not cover natural wear & tear, usage under extreme conditions, damage due to improper care (accident, misuse, or negligence), and damage caused by acts of God such as floods, fires, or earthquakes.
• If any damage occurs in/on the outer surface of the product, including but not limited to cracks, dents, and other attachments.
• If it becomes dirty or damaged due to contact with chemical agents, sharp objects, improper handling, accident, abuse, or under abnormal use or conditions such as sauna, and so forth.
• General maintenance, cleaning, product demonstration, or any other service other than repair/replacement;
• Deterioration of the product caused by normal wearing and tearing, including but not limited to rust or stains;
• Any other circumstances that are contradictory or are not in compliance with business ethics.

5. Manufacturing warranty applies on:
• Manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship of the product. This warranty applies when the product is used under normal conditions and for the purpose for which the product was designed.
• The warranty covers all manufacturing defects on zippers, runners, buckles & stitching issues caused by workmanship errors.

6. Gstronic will determine whether a product is "Out of Warranty" at the company’s discretion according to the standards listed below. Repair of "Out of Warranty" products shall be separately quoted by Gstronic and respective service shall be provided upon service fee payment.
• Violations against warranty, including but not limited to customer-induced damage, such as self-repairs, exposure to water, damage caused by misuse, alternation, failure to comply with product manual, and so on.
• Invalid warranty
• Expired warranty

• This warranty will automatically terminate on the expiry of the warranty period as specified herein.
• No Dealer/Distributor/Retailer has authority to vary the terms of above warranty.
• Warranty is applicable only for products purchased in India. Applicable service charges may be different for products purchased outside India ( Other than India )

• Any issues related to the product customer should report to orders@gstronic.com.
• This Warranty will be void on removal, tampering or alteration of any identification labels on the product or any of its components including serial number.
• If the product is not used as per its usage specifications warranty will be void.
• Company will not be liable for consequential or resulting liability, damage or loss to property or life arising directly or indirectly out of any defect in the product. The maximum claim if entertained by the Company will be subject to the maximum retail price of the product purchased or the purchase price, whichever is lower.
• Defects due to cause beyond control like lightning, abnormal voltage, natural disaster and acts of God or while in transit to service Centre or purchaser's residence will not be covered by the Warranty. * Customer should inform call center within 24hrs from the time of delivery in case of any physical damage in the product.

• In case of manufacturing related issues post 10 days of purchase till warranty period(1 year)
a. Customer needs drop a mail with all the supporting documents and images to orders@gstronic.com
b. Customer Support team arranges for a new replacement based on the percentage of the damage, after we receive the defected product back to our warehouse.

• This Warranty is not valid for:
a. Damages resulting from accidents, mishandling, negligence, unauthorized repair, tampering, loss of components/accessories, normal wear and tear, exposure to extreme heat and temperature, solvents, acids and exposure to rain/water.
b. Damages such as zip bursts, cracks, dents and scratches to any of the components, tearing of inner lining or any other fabric.
c. Replacement/repair of briefcase folios and suitcase divider flaps.
d. Damages from mishandling and abuse in transit by the carrier company (Airlines etc.) (if such abuse occurs, one must immediately file a claim with the Carrier Company before leaving the transport terminal) and

Returns Policy

Returns are a scheme provided by respective sellers directly under this policy in terms of which the option of exchange, replacement, and/ or refund is offered by the respective sellers to you. All products listed under a particular category may not have the same returns policy. For all products, the policy on the product page shall prevail over the general returns policy. Do refer to the respective item's applicable return policy on the product page for any exceptions to the table below. The return policy is divided into three parts Do read all sections carefully to understand the conditions and cases under which returns will be accepted.

Returns and Processing
In case of returns, the customer has to pack and send the products to the given address by our customer service teams, with all original tags/ trims and in a resalable condition. the money will be processed once the returned product has been received by the seller. Money will be transfer after the products are received and checked by our products review team and issued to the customer within 10 to 15 days of the products received by Gstronic.

Package Refused by the customer.
In certain cases where the customer refuses to accept the order even after multiple attempts of delivery, 3% of the ORDER TOTAL will be retained by Gstronic and the rest of the amount will be refunded back to the customer in 15 working days.

General Rules for a successful Return

1. In certain cases where the seller is unable to process a replacement for any reason whatsoever, a credit note will be issued.
2. During open box deliveries, while accepting your order, if you received a damaged product, you will be given a credit note. Once you have accepted an open box delivery, no return request will be processed, except for manufacturing defects. In such cases, this category-specific replacement/return general conditions will be applicable.

Replacement Policy

Following is the draft replacement policy of Gstronic.

10 day replacement policy in case of manufacturing defect. 1. A manufacturing defect is defined as a defect that makes Gstronic products inoperable. Some of the examples of manufacturing defects includes, but not limited to, are:
a. Unit failing to turn itself ON after the application of power.
b. Broken screens on delivery.
c. Missing accessories mentioned in the invoice.
d. Etc.

2. Gstronic guarantees its products against manufacturing defects for a period of 6 months from the date of receipt of goods by the customer.

3. The customer should inform us within fifteen (15) number of days about the manufacturing defect or missing items in the shipment. No claim will be entertained after the expiry of manufacturing defect guarantee period.

4. While making the manufacturing defect claim, the customer should provide the proof of purchase and/or invoice details to enable Gstronic determine the expiry date of manufacturing defect guarantee period. This is important as user can buy the products from distributors making the start of guarantee period way different from Gstronic shipping records.

5. While making the manufacturing defect claim, the customer should also provide the Invoice No /AWB (Airway Bill Number) to enable Gstronic the actual date of receipt of goods.

6. The invoice details will determine the list of items shipped to the customer.

7. The user is not expected to investigate whether the observed problem is manufacturing defect or not. In case of doubt, the user should contact Gstronic within fifteen (15) number of days to ascertain about manufacturing defect. Gstronic will investigate the problem and provide a resolution to the customer within fifteen (15) days.

8. The manufacturing defect guarantee is shorter than our warranty period as manufacturing defects should be discoverable almost immediately.

9. The manufacturing defects will not cover problems like: a. Damaged packing/shipping boxes. b. Users color preferences for the product. c. Inability of the user to operate the equipment properly.
d. Items not mentioned in invoice but expected by user.
e. Usage of unapproved consumables or accessories.
f. Malfunctions resulting from faulty third-party accessories.
g. Damage to the unit resulting from malfunctioning power supplies, CVTs etc.

10.The manufacturing defects guarantee does not warrant against force majeour events for example an act of God or natural disasters, war or war-like situations, labour unrest or strikes, epidemics, pandemics, etc.

11.In case of any dispute regarding the manufacturing defects, they are to be referred for arbitration in Gurugram, Haryana , India.

12.Under any case, the maximum liability of Gstronic is the replacement of equipment of equal or better specifications, or its sale price.